Special Offers


Time out to enjoy painting and yoga in an enchanting setting…

...get away from it all for a few days and enjoy some time out for yourself. Relax and find inner confidence. Focus on mind, body and spirit. Let go, relax and focus. In a group, but everyone for themselves, all oriented to their own path. No previous knowledge is required.

The painting studio is a place where we can free our imaginations and immerse ourselves in a world of colour. Here, we rely on intuition, are attentive and curious about what reveals itself. Yoga gives you the opportunity to really listen to yourself, release tension and feel your strength. Become supple and pause for a moment, gently accepting what comes.

Yoga week for new dynamism and energy

With the extraordinary guidance of Gabriela Rutz, yoga teacher, Sumathu therapist and Ayurveda specialist.

Art therapy weeks

Get away from it all and treat yourself to a journey of self-discovery. Immerse yourself in a world of colour and imagination, surrounded by DOLCE VITA and DOLCE FAR NIENTE

… reconnect with yourself, far away from your familiar surroundings. Get in touch with your feelings and needs through painting. Free your intuition, be attentive and unleash your creativity.