Special Offers


Art therapy weeks

Cost 1120 euro including painting materials and 6 overnight stays

04.06.23 – 10.06.23 | 10.09.23 – 16.09.23
17.09.23 – 23.09.23 | 24.09.23 – 30.09.23

Escape the stress of everyday life for a week and surround yourself with the world of colours and interior images framed by the DOLCE VITA and DOING NOTHING...

...get in touch with yourself again, away from your usual surroundings. Be in touch with your feelings and needs through painting. Free your intuition, be aware and indulge your creativity.

I will help you to close old burdensome issues, free yourself from heaviness, work through distressing thought patterns and align yourself with new perspectives. Or let your soul swing as you paint. In the group, each one for himself or herself, be process-oriented. No prior knowledge is required.

The arrival day is always Sunday. One-to-one meetings take place on Monday mornings, during which critical points and procedures are addressed.

Painting takes place Tuesday to Friday mornings from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The painting studio is located on the hotel premises.
Afternoons and evenings are free, e.g. to explore the historic town centre, enjoy nature and the lake, discover something newly discovered, play sports, relax in the indoor wellness area and indulge in culinary delights. They are at your disposal for questions and suggestions.

You can stay comfortably in the hotel in a single room. The breakfast buffet and use of the hotel facilities are included in the price. Dinner reservations are also possible on request.
If someone wants to accompany you, just ask. For information regarding arrival by public transport, I am at your disposal.
On request you can also schedule other dates, individually or in groups, and even single days during your holiday or entire weeks.