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Ki-Do® Massage

Rebalance the Vital Energy (Ki) by following the path of the energetic meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Do) through a deep massage. It gives psycho-physical balance and a deep sensation of lightness. Properties: relaxing, aids lymphatic drainage, anti-stress.

50 minutes


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is an ancient art form handed down throughout generations. Energetic and enveloping movements in the direction of the heart to reactivate the circulatory system, dissolve muscular tension, thus favouring the physical and energetic realignment of the whole body. Performed with coconut oil. Properties: improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, general relaxation with benefits on the immune and joint system.


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

50 or 80 minutes


Lomi Elua massage (Hawaiian Deep Tissue)

An advanced style of Lomi Lomi, designed for the treatment of specific areas. Ideal for muscular and joint problems, athletes, and for those who look for a deeper treatment.

50 or 80 minutes


Hapai Pregnancy Massage

A specific and relaxing treatment for pregnant or postnatal woman.

50 or 80 minutes


Kua Lua - Hawaiian Back Walking

An ancient Hawaiian art form administered with therapist’s knees and feet, using a profound technique to deeply restore body alignment.

70 minutes



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